Tinsley Bible Drug Store

Tinsley Bible Drug Store

Tinsley Bible Drug Store

Tinsley Bible Drug Store

Would you believe that one of our local national treasures here in the Smokies is a drug store? With so many historical icons that can be found here in the Smokies, that we have such a variety shouldn’t be so surprising, but indeed the Tinsley Bible Drug Store in downtown Dandridge is such a unique icon and part of this article by www.tennesseerivervalleygeotourism.org tells how and why:

“Since 1911, Tinsley Bible Drug Store has been both a local amenity and hot-spot for the past one hundred years. Founded by Dr. P. A. Tinsley and his pharmacist nephew, Walter Tinsley, the store was originally opened as a small pharmacy in downtown Dandridge. One hundred years later, Tinsley Bible has seen many changes, yet still remains almost intact to its original state. In 1942, the business had picked up so much that an expansion was necessary.

By purchasing the store next door, Tinsley Bible was able to add the soda fountain which has been a popular luncheon destination ever since. If visiting the store, be sure to check out the support columns that divide the space to get a good idea of what the size of the original store was once like!”

The drug store is still in operation today and while it offers a very nostalgic experience with its authentic soda shop services, it is also a modern, operating pharmacy and its website touts more of its modern services than it does its historical pedigree.

From their website itself:

“Tinsley-Bible Drug Co has been serving the areas of Dandridge and Jefferson City since 1911. Our patients can always count on our staff to provide them with outstanding personalized services. Whether you need a prescription refilled or want to have a meal at our old-fashioned lunch counter, come stop by Tinsley-Bible Drug Co.

* Home Delivery
* Medication Adherence
* Flu Shots & Immunizations
* Med Synchronization
* MTM Services
* Private Consultation

Other Services
* Assisted living homes
* Bubble packaging
* Diabetic Shoe Fittings
* Children’s Med Flavoring
* $4 Generics

Fountain & Grill
We offer an old-fashioned soda fountain and lunch counter that brings historic charm to our pharmacy. Our lunch counter is open Monday to Friday from 8a.m.-2p.m.. Come stop by today to try our famous Bible burger or hand-dipped cone.”

See more on Tinsley Bible Drug Store at https://tinsleybibledrugs.com/.

Read the full article on Tinsley Bible Drug Store at https://www.tennesseerivervalleygeotourism.org/content/tinsley-bible-drug-store-co/tenb5794354b0f061600.